How to Adopt

Thank you for your interest in our puppies for sale! We hope we get a chance to work with you and that we will be able to help you find the perfect puppy for your needs. We get many inquiries about our puppies, and many requests to come and look at what we have for sale.

Appointments to see our puppies are limited and are only available to serious potential buyers. Our puppies sell quickly. However if you are very interested in a puppy, consider putting a refundable deposit.

Unfortunately due to our busy schedule with all of the puppies as well as a lot of people that want to come “see” a few puppies, we no longer schedule appointments without a 40% refundable deposit on the puppy we’re asked to hold. Of course it can always be transferred to a different puppy if you come and fall in love with someone else! It is also refundable in the unlikely event the puppy isn’t suitable for you when you get here. 

We do not hold puppies or turn down a sale to another buyer without a deposit & a signed agreement.

Bank Wire Transfer, Zelle and cryptocurrencies payments are also allowed. 

Get a 10% discount off your total price by paying with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, USDT, USDC amongst others.

Once you’ve decided on a puppy, we have a Sale Agreement that we will email to you to sign and return. We prefer and most of our customers send a bank wire for payment. It’s just as easy and secure as a check, but it speeds the process along and allows us to get shipping scheduled faster rather than waiting on an out-of-state check to clear. 

We try and do our very best at matching you with the perfect puppy, but there are those rare instances where for whatever reason things don’t work out. Many times we can help you work through those issues, but sometimes it necessitates making a change. In the event that you do have to make a change within the first 30 days, we will make a full refund of your payment or find you another suitable replacement depending on what you decide.

Note: The pettyfrenchbulls is a private facility and visiting is by appointment only. 
If you would like to come out, please: Contact me to make an appointment.

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